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Smart Downlights

Nowadays, every household appliance is getting smarter as a smart home becomes a popular trend.

From creating a perfect mood to connecting a smart home, lead your customers a step ahead with our smart downlights.

Functions Available With

  • BluetoothBluetooth
  • WifiWifi
  • ZigbeeZigbee
  • APP Control

    APP Control

  • Voice Control

    Voice Control

  • on off icon


  • 16 Million Colors

    16 Million Colors

  • dimming icon


  • cct changing icon

    CCT Changing

  • timing icon


  • light scene setting icon

    Light Scene-Setting

  • Sharable Between Family Members

    Sharable Between Family Members

Compatible With

  • amazon alexa
  • google nest
  • google assistant
  • ifttt

Discover our Downlight Series

    home theater lighting

    —— Just the Right Mood

    Our revolutionary smart light features dimming function so the user can adjust light brightness by simply dragging the slider on the smartphone.

    This allows your customers to create just the right mood for dinner, and every scene at the moment, effortlessly.

    CCT Changing
    —— Just the Right Color

    Color temperature can be changed from cool to warm white, and anything in between. From watching a movie, reading a book to relaxing on the couch, the user can adjust the light color for the task at hand with a simple touch on the smartphone.

    dinner lighting
    bedroom lighting

    —— Just the Right Time

    Lights have never been so obedient than ever before with our timing function.

    Our smart downlight can turn on/off on schedule every day by simply setting a time in the App. With the timing function, your customers can use the lights in a more convenient and energy-efficient way.

    Light Scene-Setting
    —— Just the Right Light

    Different scene require different lights.

    With our App, your customers can easily set lighting parameters including CCT, brightness and light color for custom scenes.

    party lighting

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