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Recessed Downlights

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A Wide Selections Of LED Downlights Direct From A Qualified Manufacturer


The LED recessed downlight is gaining more popularity in the lighting market with its simple recessed design, cost saving, wide application and energy efficiency.

As a specialized LED downlight manufacturer, SSLUCE offers recessed downlights featuring different shapes, sizes for various openings, CCT, wattage and functions to meet the diverse needs of your customers.

All these products are produced with strict quality management in our factory and are listed by:

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    What makes our downlights outstanding?

    • Eye-Friendly Lighting Design

      At SSLUCE, we care more about comfortable lighting based on enough luminous. Our optical engineers ensure the UGR is less than 10 with the latest lens, reflector, and lighting fixture with a specially designed structure.

    • Qualified Driver and LEDs

      We bring our clients downlights with stable performance & long lifetime by sourcing quality COB from Bridgelux, designing and manufacturing LED drivers & SMD in-house based on UL/CE requirements.

    • Smart Functions

      All the smart features including CCT changing timing, scene-setting & more can be added to our downlight series for easier control. Enter the smart lightingmarket and help your customers complete their projects with us.

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