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From appearance to function, what we're designing is not only light but also perfect lighting.

More Functions in Interior Design

anti-glare design

Anti-Glare Design

Glare control is considered in the structural design of our luminaries with UGR controlled under 10. We‘re dedicated to’delivering our clients lights with enough luminous flux & lighting comfort at the same time by:

  • Designing a proper cut-off angle
  • Using reflectors featuring specular reflection that decrease light stays on the surface
  • Adding front rings


DIMM function is available for the design of our LED downlights.

Besides dimming, the CCT is adjustable at the same time with the addition of DIM2WARM feature.

These allow the users to adjust light brightness and color temperature at the same time to create the right lighting mood according to their activities.

wifi controlled lighting

Smart Connection

We change the way people interact with lights by designing lights to be smarter & easier to use.

With the connection to WiFi, Bluetooth or Zigbee, our smart downlights can fulfill the functions like dimming, CCT changing, timing and scene setting with a simple touch or voice control on the smartphone.

Explore Our Smart Downlight

Trendy & Simple Exterior Design

light modules

Module design

Our downlights are combined by two main parts, the installation parts and the LED lighting source featuring different functions and lighting distribution.

This modular design allows you to mix and match various parts for the changing market needs without any tools.

Family design

The same design style is applied to all our LED downlight series, which helps bring consistent decoration style to your customers.

And our old & new products are designed in continuous style so you can upgrade your products without weeding out the old ones.

light family

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