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SSLUCE —— Abbreviation of Simple & Smart Lighting.

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Our Factory

SSLUCE is a China-based factory specialized in manufacturing LED downlights with a decade of experience.

Inside our 18000 ㎡ factory, we have our own SMT workshop, light assembly workshop, R&D and testing laboratory. By designing the LED driver and manufacturing SMD in-house, we always bring our clients lights with stable performance.

Certified by ISO 9001 & ISO 14000, we employ a strict quality management system throughout the whole production process from IQC to IPQC to FQC to OQC.

our workers

Our Workers

Our skillful workers enjoy years of experience in producing LED downlights. By complying with the ISO9001 & 6S standards during the manufacturing process, they ensure the consistent quality of our lights with a low defective rate.

As human is the most valuable resources in SSLUCE. We treat our workers as a family by giving them a reasonable salary, relaxing & productive working atmosphere, and job satisfaction.

Our R&D and Sales Team

Our R&D and sales team are located in Shenzhen, an economic hub of China.

Most of our light specialists have years of experience in LED design & engineering. By attending industrial seminars, visiting global fairs & studying the latest technologies, they come up with new products every season to help you meet emerging market needs.

Our sales people are sales engineers that know lights & your market needs very well. So they can guide you to select or customize the right products for your local customers.

r&d and sales team
erp system

Our ERP System

Despite the fact that our teams are based in the different location, we’re not a loose organization.

Our ERP system integrates all facets of operations including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and even human resource management — in one single database. So the whole organization is closely connected and managed in an order & efficient way.


Engaging in the lighting industry for years, our CEO, Mr.Ma, has a high demand for product quality and excellence. So the pursuit of excellent quality is deeply built into our culture and becomes the belief of every worker.

Either do the best or not to do it.

For years, this is my motto in doing business.
We do not sacrifice product quality for profits.
Because in that way, we're losing something more valuable. That's trust between people.

—— Mr. Ma, CEO of SSLUCE

Our Mission


As our brand name SSLUCE (Simple & Smart Lighting) indicated, our mission is to provide your customers lights with simple exterior design & more smart functions as possible. So lights can interact better with the space and people while serving its basic lighting function.

smart lighting

Our Certifications

Thanks to our insistence on quality, we're certified by ISO9001, ISO14000 and ISO14001.

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